The Spark collective

Connect. Inspire. Grow.

The mission of The Spark Collective is to build community among women by creating a deliberate space for growth, connection and inspiration.  Through events and networking opportunities we offer support and stimulate ideas in pursuit of women’s personal and professional aspirations.  

The network fosters a multidimensional view of our collective talents, experience and ambitions.  We convene in a number of different formats all of which seek to enable a 360 degree perspective of the amazing women in our community.   Our values include authenticity, intellectual curiosity, empathy and generosity. Read more...

Spark in the News

interview on nbc10 'This is New England'

Founder Meghan Fennell was joined by board member Sally Berkowitz and Ambassador Tamara DeOrio to discuss Spark's local impact, growth plans and vision.  Click the image below to watch our chat with Latoyia Edwards.


Spark founder Meghan Fennell recently caught up with Radio Entrepreneurs, a program that shares the stories of entrepreneurs in the interest of giving more exposure to innovative and fast moving companies while creating a knowledge pool for the enrichment of the entrepreneurial community around the world.  

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  • Monthly events 

  • Hyper-local network 

  • Inspiration, motivation and connection

  • Safe, supportive space to stimulate ideas

  • Networking opportunities and social value

  • Perspectives and insights with original content

  • Have fun, challenge yourself, grow!


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How do I participate in The Spark Collective Network?  Please contact us and come to an event to see if it is something that resonates with you! If you feel engaged and connected, you can register here. The inaugural fee to participate is $95. There may be additional costs to participate in special events.

Who is eligible to join the Spark Collective?  Women on the North Shore of Massachusetts who share the values of intellectual curiosity, authenticity, empathy and generosity. We are a nonpartisan organization and take no stance on political issues. 

What is the vision of this network?  This is a community building effort which aims to surface the collective knowledge, talents and experience of peers in our local area. We hope to enable a holistic perspective of women’s evolving identities: past experience, current state and future aspirations.