Spark Members Area

EVENTs & Networking opportunities


01. spark sessions

A monthly gathering designed to offer practical inspiration on an idea you care about. Simply bring an idea or project you want to advance and everyone will have a couple of minutes to pitch her idea and several minutes for the group to provide input and ask questions to help that idea develop and grow.

It is an intimate and meaningful format for connection, insight and motivation.  Throughout the last six months, it has been particularly exciting to follow the progress and growth of a diverse range of projects and ideas. 

03. salons

Inspired by the French salon, a product of The Enlightenment, these gatherings provide space for social and intellectual exchange and support on a particular topic. Salons were a key institution in early 18th century Paris in which women played a central role.  A modern version of this concept connects women around a common area of interest (e.g. work/family balance, working women, women re-launching their careers, entrepreneurs etc). 

02. vignettes

vi·gnette (vinˈyet/)

noun: a brief evocative description, account, or episode.

Short (3-5 minute) topic-focused sessions designed to share some aspect of your personal or professional journey. Think of it like a Moth Story or miniature TED talk - a way to share with others a bit more about who you are, your passions, your story.  This is an opportunity to flex those presentation muscles, experiment, have fun, challenge yourself and grow! 


04. inspiring women series

Conversations and panel discussions with community leaders, industry trail blazers and change makers.  These events are industry-focused discussions that celebrate women who are leaders in their field (ie. food & wine, finance, wellness, media, arts, academia).



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